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NAPA Los Alamitos Monthly Specials

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Save Another 10 PurePlus® Technology is our patented, revolutionary gas-to-liquid process which converts natural gas into a first-of-its-kind, extremely high quality full synthetic base oil. Because our base oil is made from natural gas, it is clear with fewer of the impurities found in crude oil, the start for many other traditional and synthetic motor oils. To that pure, clear base we add our high performance additives to create Pennzoil Platinum® with PurePlus® Technology Full Synthetic line of motor oils designed for complete protection, without compromise.

NAPA Platinum Oil Filters Use Fully Synthetic Media For Very Best In Engine Protection. Our Platinum Oil Filters Provide Ultimate Protection, Offering Technology For The Latest Advancements In Synthetic Oils
  • Sealing Gaskets Are Made Of A Hydrogenated Nitrile Compound For Improved Durability At High Temperatures
  • NAPA Platinum Oil Filters Are The "BEST" Filter Choice In NAPA's Family Of Filters, When Using Synthetic Motor Oils Or Dealing With Harsh Or Severe Driving Conditions
  • Manufacturer OE Recommended Oil Change Intervals
  • NAPA Platinum Filters Are Essential For Elite Vehicle Maintenance And Complete Peace Of Mind.
  • Uses Silicon Anti-Drain Back Valves Which Will Not Harden Or Become Brittle, Providing Greater Protection Over Standard Nitrile Valves Used in Lesser Quality Economy Filters
  • Has Stronger, Upgraded Can Design
  • Up To 100% More Dirt Holding Capacity Than NAPA Gold

Save Another 10
Mobil Delvac™ 1300 Super 10W-30 and 15W-40 are advanced diesel engine oils that help extend engine life, allowing you to run your business with confidence. These oils meet or exceed original equipment manufacturer (OEM) requirements and deliver high performance in both on- and off-highway applications

Fully backward compatible, Mobil Delvac 1300 Super engine oils deliver exceptional performance in both newer and older heavy-duty engines. Its carefully tailored formulation provides:
  • Performance up to 50 percent beyond OEM-recommended ODIs**
  • 50 percent more wear protection than required in API engine tests
  • Outstanding oxidation stability
  • Excellent soot and viscosity control

Save Another 10
Shell ROTELLA® T6 Full Synthetic Heavy Duty Engine Oil with Triple Protection Plus™ technology has been enhanced with fully synthetic base oil plus advanced additive technology to provide protection against wear, deposits and oil breakdown PLUS better low temperature flow and better fuel economy performance. Key benefits include; compatibility with exhaust emissions control systems, protection in extreme operating temperatures and fuel economy performance.

Shell ROTELLA® T5 Synthetic Blend Heavy Duty Engine Oil combines synthetic blend base oils and advanced additives to deliver excellent protection, even at low temperatures where the enhanced cold-flow properties help protect your engine.

Father's Day Gift Ideas from NAPA Auto Parts
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